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Acetic acid 2-mercapto-ethyl ester

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Structural Formula

General information

Name Acetic acid 2-mercapto-ethyl ester
Molecular Formula C4H8O2S
Element system C-H-O-S
CAS-RN 5862-40-8
IUPAC-Name (Preferred) 2-sulfanylethyl acetate


Information on this Substance in

Molecular Weight: 120.17
Calculated Log P: 0.63599998
Rotatable bonds: 5
H Acceptors: 1
H Donators: 0
Reactions having this substance as a reactant: 9
Reactions having this substance as a product: 2
Journal articles containing this substance: 5
Patents containing this substance: 2
Supplier: Sigma-Aldrich; ASDI;
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2-mercaptoethyl acetate; acetic acid 2-mercaptoethyl ester; 2-sulfanylethyl acetate; 2-sulfanylethyl ethanoate; ESSIGSAEURE-2-MERCAPTOETHYLESTER; Ethansaeure, (2-mercaptoethyl) ester; Ethanoic acid, (2-mercaptoethyl) ester

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