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Structural formula

Structural Formula

General information

Name methoxyethane
Molecular Formula C3H8O
Element system C-H-O
CAS-RN 540-67-0


Information on this Substance in

Molecular Weight: 60.10
Calculated Log P: 0.54900002
Rotatable bonds: 3
H Acceptors: 1
H Donators: 0
Reactions having this substance as a reactant: 21
Reactions having this substance as a product: 29
Journal articles containing this substance: 24
Patents containing this substance: 26
Other publications containing this substance: 2
Supplier: VWR;
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methoxy-ethane; Ethyl methyl ether; Ethane, methoxy-; Methyl ethyl ether; 2-Oxabutane; Methyläthyläther; Ether, ethyl methyl; Methane, ethoxy-; Ethylmethylether; ethyl-methyl ether; (Methoxy)methylcarben; Ethylmethyl ester; Aethylmethylaether; Eter etilmetilico; Eter metiletilico; Ether ethylmethylique; Ether methylethylique; Ethoxy methane; Etilmetileter; Etilmetileter, (E); Etoximetano; Methoxy ethane; Methoxyaethan; Methylaethylaether; Methyle ethyle oxyde; Methylethylether; Metoxietano; Ossidodietileemetile; Oxyde de methyle et d'ethyle; Oxydedethyleetdemethyle; METHYL-AETHYL-AETHER; Methoxyethan; Ethylmethylester; (Methoxy)methylcarbene

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