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Thermodynamic Properties of Compounds, SiClF to PuClO

Chapter Concepts

Substances /
Molecular Formulas
Alcide; Alcide allay; Anthium 200; Anthium Dioxcide; Antimonoxychlorid; Antimony Chloride Oxide; Antimony Monochloride gas; Antimony oxychloride, SbOCl; Aqua Care; Biologen; Biotalk; Carnelron; Chlordioxid; Chlorine dioxide (OClO); Chlorine dioxide radical; Chlorine oxide (ClO2); Chlorine peroxide; Chlorine(IV) oxide; Chloroperoxyl; Chloryl radical; Chrom(II) chloride; Chrom(II)-chlorid; Chrom(II)-chlorid wasserfrei; Chromchlorid; Chromdichlorid; Chromium (II) chloride anhydrous; Chromium Dichloride Dioxide gas; Chromium Dichloride Oxide gas; Chromium chloride (CrCl2); Chromium chloride (CrCl2); Chromium dichloride; Chromium(II) chloride; Chromium(II) chloride anhydrous; Chromium(II) chloride, anhydrous; Chromous chloride; Chromous chloride, anhydrous; Cl2Co; Cl2Cr; Cl2CrO; Cl2CrO2; Cl2Cs2; Cl2Cu; Cl2Cu2; Cl2Cu2 <g>; Cl2F3P; Cl2FOP; Cl2FP; Cl2Fe; Cl2Ga; Cl2Ga2; Cl2Ge; ClO2; ClO2Ta; ClO2U; ClO2W; ClOSb; ClOSm; ClOTi; ClOU; ClOW; ClP; ClPb; ClRb; ClS; ClS2; ClSb; ClSc; ClSi; ClSn; ClSr; ClT; ClTa; ClTi; ClTl; ClU; ClW; ClZn; ClZr; CoCl2; Cobalt (II) chloride anhydrous; Cobalt chloride; Cobalt chloride (CoCl2); Cobalt chloride (CoCl2); Cobalt dichloride; Cobalt dichloride (CoCl2); Cobalt muriate; Cobalt(2+) chloride; Cobalt(II) chloride; Cobalt(II) chloride anhydrous; Cobalt(II) chloride, anhydrous; Cobalt(II)-chlorid; Cobalt(II)-chlorid (wasserfrei); Cobalt(II)-chlorid wasserfrei; Cobalt(II)chlorid; Cobalt-II-chlorid; Cobaltchlorid; Cobaltdichlorid; Cobaltous chloride; Cobaltous chloride anhydrous; Cobaltous dichloride; Copper (II) chloride anhydrous; Copper chloride (CuCl2); Copper dichloride; Copper(2+) chloride; Copper(II) chloride; Copper(II) chloride, anhydrous; CrCl2; CrCl2; CrCl2O <g>; CrCl2O2 <g>; Cs2Cl2 <g>; CuCl2; Cupper(II) chloride; Cupric chloride; Cupric chloride anhydrous; Cupric dichloride; Dicesium Dichloride gas; Dichlorocobalt; Dicopper Dichloride gas; Digallium Dichloride gas; Diklor; Disulphur Monochloride gas; Doxcide 50; Dura Klor; EZ Flow; Eisen(II)-chlorid; Eisen(II)-chlorid wasserfrei; Eisen(II)chlorid; FeCl2; Ferrous chloride; Ferrous chloride (FeCl2); Ferrous chloride, anhydrous; Ferrous dichloride; Ga2Cl2 <g>; GaCl2; Gallium Dichloride; GeCl2 <g>; Germanium Dichloride gas; Iron chloride (FeCl2); Iron chloride (FeCl2); Iron dichloride; Iron protochloride; Iron(2+) chloride; Iron(II) chloride; Iron(II) chloride (FeCl2); Iron(II) chloride, anhydrous; Kobalt chlorid; Kobalt(II)-chlorid; Kobalt(II)-chlorid, wasserfrei; Kobaltchlorid; Kupfer(II)-chlorid; Kupfer(II)-chlorid wasserfrei; Kupfer(II)-chlorid, wasserfrei; Kupfer-Dichlorid wasserfrei; Lead Monochloride gas; Oslon; PCl; PCl2F <g>; PCl2F3 <g>; PbCl <g>; Phosphorus Dichloride Fluoride gas; Phosphorus Dichloride Trifluoride gas; Phosphorus Monochloride; Phosphoryl chloride fluoride (POCl2F); Purogene; RbCl; RenNew D; RetarDEX; RetarDEX (oxidizing agent); Rubidium chloride (RbCl); Rubidium monochloride; Rubidium-chloride; Rubidiumchlorid; S2Cl <g>; SCl <g>; Samarium Chloride Oxide; SbCl <g>; SbClO; ScCl <g>; Scandium Monochloride gas; SiCl; Silicon Monochloride; SmClO; SnCl <g>; SrCl; Stibine, chlorooxo-; Strontium Monochloride; Sulphur Monochloride gas; TCl; TaCl <g>; TaClO2; Tantalum Chloride Dioxide; Tantalum Monochloride gas; Thallium chloride (TlCl); Thallium chloride, (TlCl); Thallium monochloride; Thallium(1+) chloride; Thallium(I) chloride; Thallium(I)-chlorid; Thallium(I)chlorid; Thallous chloride; TiCl; TiClO; Tin Monochloride gas; Titanium Chloride Oxide; Titanium Monochloride; TlCl; Tritium Chloride; Tungsten Chloride Dioxide gas; Tungsten Chloride Oxide gas; Tungsten Monochloride gas; UCl <g>; UClO; UClO2; Uranium Chloride Dioxide; Uranium Chloride Oxide; Uranium Monochloride gas; WCl <g>; WClO <g>; WClO2 <g>; Zinc Monochloride gas; Zirconium Monochloride gas; ZnCl <g>; ZrCl <g>; chlorine (IV) oxide; chlorine dioxide; chlorine dioxide anhydrous; chlorine oxide; chromium (II) chloride; cobalt (II) chloride; copper (II) chloride; dichlorofluorophosphorus oxide; iron (II) chloride; monofluorophosphoryl dichloride; phosphoryl dichloride fluoride; rubidium chloride; thallium (I) chloride
Element Systems Cl-Co; Cl-Cr; Cl-Cr-O; Cl-Cs; Cl-Cu; Cl-F-O-P; Cl-F-P; Cl-Fe; Cl-Ga; Cl-Ge; Cl-O; Cl-O-Sb; Cl-O-Sm; Cl-O-Ta; Cl-O-Ti; Cl-O-U; Cl-O-W; Cl-P; Cl-Pb; Cl-Rb; Cl-S; Cl-Sb; Cl-Sc; Cl-Si; Cl-Sn; Cl-Sr; Cl-T; Cl-Ta; Cl-Ti; Cl-Tl; Cl-U; Cl-W; Cl-Zn; Cl-Zr
CAS Registry
10049-04-4; 10049-05-5; 12265-61-1; 1332-82-7; 1333-81-9; 13769-76-1; 17167-55-4; 53569-88-3; 7447-39-4; 7646-79-9; 7758-94-3; 7791-08-4; 7791-11-9; 7791-12-0
Properties Gibbs energy; Gibbs formation energy; enthalpy; entropy; formation enthalpy; formation entropy; heat capacity; temperature; transition enthalpy; transition entropy
Keywords Pure Substances. Part 2 _ Compounds from BeBr_g to ZrCl2_g; Thermodynamic Properties of Inorganic Materials



Thermodynamic Properties of Compounds, SiClF to PuClO

Part of Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry
Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology

19 A2: Pure Substances. Part 2 _ Compounds from BeBr_g to ZrCl2_g

Chapter-DOI 10.1007/10705961_17
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This document is part of Subvolume A2 ‘Pure Substances. Part 2 _ Compounds from BeBr_g to ZrCl2_g’ of Volume 19 ‘Thermodynamic Properties of Inorganic Materials’ of Landolt-Börnstein - Group IV Physical Chemistry.