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CdCl2, CdBr2, CdI2, HgCl2, HgBr2, HgI2 crystal structure, chemical bond

Chapter Concepts

Substances /
Molecular Formulas
Abavit B; Agrosan; Bichloride of mercury; Br2Cd; Br2Hg; CRC; Caddy; Cadmium bromide; Cadmium bromide (CdBr2); Cadmium bromide anhydrous; Cadmium bromide, anhydrous; Cadmium chloride; Cadmium chloride (CdCl2); Cadmium chloride anhydrous; Cadmium chloride, anhydrous; Cadmium dibromide; Cadmium dichloride; Cadmium diiodide; Cadmium iodide; Cadmium iodide (CdI2); Cadmium(II) iodide; Cadmiumbromid; Cadmiumbromid (CdBr2); Cadmiumbromid wasserfrei; Cadmiumchlorid; Cadmiumchlorid wasserfrei; Cadmiumchlorid, wasserfrei; Cadmiumchlorid-Dihydrat; Cadmiumiodid; Cadmiumjodid; Calochlor; CdBr2; CdCl2, CdBr2, CdI2, HgCl2, HgBr2, HgI2; CdCl2; CdI2; Cl2Hg; Corrosive mercury chloride; Corrosive sublimate; Dibromomercury; Dichlorocadmium; Dichloromercury; Diiodomercury; Fungchex; HgBr2; HgCl2; HgI2; Kadmiumchlorid; MC; Mercuric bichloride; Mercuric chloride; Mercuric dibromide; Mercuric diiodide; Mercuric iodide; Mercuric iodide red; Mercuric iodide, red; Mercurichlorid; Mercury Chloride; Mercury bichloride; Mercury bromide; Mercury bromide (HgBr2); Mercury chloride (HgCl(2)); Mercury chloride (HgCl2); Mercury chloride(HgCl2); Mercury chloromercurate(II) (HgCl2); Mercury dibromide; Mercury dibromide (HgBr2); Mercury dichloride; Mercury dichloride (HgCl2); Mercury dichloride (HgCl2); Mercury diiodide; Mercury iodide (HgI2); Mercury perchloride; Mercury(2+) chloride; Mercury(2+) diiodide; Mercury(2+) iodide; Mercury(II) bromide; Mercury(II) chloride; Mercury(II) iodide; Mercury(II) iodide, anhydrous; Mercury(II) iodide, red; Perchloride of mercury; Quecksilber chlorid; Quecksilber(II)-bromid; Quecksilber(II)-chlorid; Quecksilber(II)-dibromid; Quecksilber(II)-iodid; Quecksilber(II)-iodid rot; Quecksilber(II)-iodid, Rot; Quecksilber(II)-jodid, rot; Quecksilber(II)bromid; Quecksilber(II)chlorid; Quecksilber(II)iodid; Quecksilber-(II)-chlorid; Quecksilber-II-bromid; Quecksilber-II-chlorid; Quecksilber-II-jodid; Quecksilber-Il-chlorid; Quecksilberdichlorid; Quecksilberjodid; Red Mercuric Iodide; Sublimat; Sublimate; Sulem; TL 898; Vi-Cad; cadmium (II) bromide; cadmium (II) chloride; cadmium (II) iodide; mercuric bromide; mercury (II) bromide; mercury (II) chloride; mercury (II) iodide
Element Systems Br-Cd; Br-Hg; Cd-Cl; Cd-I; Cl-Hg; Hg-I
CAS Registry
10108-64-2; 28825-30-1; 53168-83-5; 7487-94-7; 7774-29-0; 7789-42-6; 7789-47-1; 7790-80-9
Properties band gap; band structure; chemical bond; crystal structure; dielectric constant; effective mass; energy gap; impurity state; mobility
Substrates non-tetrahedrally bonded binary compound semiconductor; non-tetrahedrally bonded elemental semiconductor



CdCl2, CdBr2, CdI2, HgCl2, HgBr2, HgI2 crystal structure, chemical bond

Author Collaboration: Authors and editors of the volumes III/17E-17F-41C
Part of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
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41C: Non-Tetrahedrally Bonded Elements and Binary Compounds I

Edited by O. Madelung, U. Rössler, M. Schulz
Chapter-DOI 10.1007/10681727_309
Book-DOI 10.1007/b71138 (Volume in Bookshelf)

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This document is part of Subvolume C ‘Non-Tetrahedrally Bonded Elements and Binary Compounds I’ of Volume 41 ‘Semiconductors’ of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter.
CdCl2, CdBr2, CdI2, HgCl2, HgBr2, HgI2: crystal structure, chemical bond