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Be13Ce; Be13Dy; Be13Er; Be13Eu; Be13Gd; Be13Ho; Be13La; Be13Lu; Be13Nd; Be13Pr; Be13Sc; Be13Sm; Be13Tb; Cd11Ce; Cd11Eu; Cd11La; Cd11Nd; Cd11Pr; Cd11Sm; Cd17La2; Cd2Ce; Cd2Dy; Cd2Er; Cd2Eu; Cd2Gd; Cd2Ho; Cd2La; Cd2Lu; Cd2Nd; Cd2Pr; Cd2Sc; Cd2Sm; Cd2Tb; Cd2Tm; Cd2Y; Cd2Yb; Cd3Ce; Cd3Dy; Cd3Er; Cd3Gd; Cd3Ho; Cd3Lu; Cd3Nd; Cd3Pr; Cd3Sc; Cd3Tb; Cd3Tm; Cd3Y; Cd45Dy11; Cd45Er11; Cd45Gd11; Cd45Ho11; Cd45Lu11; Cd45Nd11; Cd45Pr11; Cd45Sm11; Cd45Tb11; Cd45Tm11; Cd45Y11; Cd51Eu14; Cd51Yb14; Cd58Ce13; Cd58Eu13; Cd58Gd13; Cd58La13; Cd58Nd13; Cd58Pr13; Cd58Sm13; Cd58Y13; Cd6Ce; Cd6Dy; Cd6Er; Cd6Eu; Cd6Gd; Cd6Ho; Cd6Lu; Cd6Nd; Cd6Pr; Cd6Sm; Cd6Tb; Cd6Tm; Cd6Y; Cd6Yb; CdCe; CdDy; CdEr; CdEu; CdGd; CdHo; CdLa; CdLu; CdNd; CdPr; CdSc; CdSm; CdTb; CdTm; CdY; Ce11Hg45; Ce13Cd58; Ce13Zn58; Ce2Mg17; Ce2Zn17; Ce3Zn11; Ce3Zn22; Ce5Mg41; Ce11Hg45; Ce13Cd58; Ce13Zn58; Ce2Mg17; Ce2Zn17; Ce3Zn11; Ce3Zn22; Ce5Mg41; CeBe13; CeBe13; CeCd; CeCd11; CeCd2; CeCd3; CeCd6; CeCd11; CeCd2; CeCd3; CeCd6; CeHg; CeHg2; CeHg3; CeHg2; CeHg3; CeMg; CeMg12; CeMg2; CeMg3; CeMg12; CeMg2; CeMg3; CeZn; CeZn11; CeZn2; CeZn3; CeZn5; CeZn11; CeZn2; CeZn3; CeZn5; Dy11Cd45; Dy13Zn58; Dy2Zn17; Dy3Zn11; Dy5Mg24; Dy11Cd45; Dy13Zn58; Dy2Zn17; Dy3Zn11; Dy5Mg24; DyBe13; DyBe13; DyCd; DyCd2; DyCd3; DyCd6; DyCd2; DyCd3; DyCd6; DyHg; DyHg2; DyHg3; DyHg2; DyHg3; DyMg; DyMg2; DyMg3; DyMg2; DyMg3; DyZn; DyZn12; DyZn2; DyZn3; DyZn12; DyZn2; DyZn3; Er11Cd45; Er11Zn45; Er13Zn58; Er2Zn17; Er11Cd45; Er11Zn45; Er13Zn58; Er2Zn17; ErBe13; ErBe13; ErCd; ErCd2; ErCd3; ErCd6; ErCd2; ErCd3; ErCd6; ErHg; ErHg2; ErHg3; ErHg2; ErHg3; ErZn; ErZn12; ErZn2; ErZn3; ErZn5; ErZn12; ErZn2; ErZn3; ErZn5; Eu13Cd58; Eu14Cd51; Eu14Hg51; Eu2Mg17; Eu13Cd58; Eu14Cd51; Eu14Hg51; Eu2Mg17; EuBe13; EuBe13; EuCd; EuCd11; EuCd2; EuCd6; EuCd11; EuCd2; EuCd6; EuHg; EuHg2; EuHg3; EuHg5; EuHg2; EuHg3; EuHg5; EuMg; EuMg2; EuMg5; EuMg2; EuMg5; EuZn; EuZn11; EuZn13; EuZn2; EuZn5; EuZn11; EuZn13; EuZn2; EuZn5; Gadolinium - Zinc; Gd(Ag0.5In0.5)xZn1-x; Gd-Zn; Gd-Zn (Gadolinium - Zinc); Gd11Cd45; Gd11Hg45; Gd13Cd58; Gd13Zn58; Gd3Zn11; Gd3Zn22; Gd5Zn41; GdxLa1-xZn; GdxY1-xZn; Gd11Cd45; Gd11Hg45; Gd13Cd58; Gd13Zn58; Gd3Zn11; Gd3Zn22; Gd5Zn41; GdBe13; GdBe13; GdCd; GdCd2; GdCd3; GdCd6; GdCdxZn1-x; GdCd2; GdCd3; GdCd6; GdHg; GdHg2; GdHg3; GdHg2; GdHg3; GdMg; GdMg2; GdMg3; GdMg2; GdMg3; GdZn (unspec.); GdZn12; GdZn2; GdZn3; GdZn12; GdZn2; GdZn3; Hg2Ho; Hg2La; Hg2Nd; Hg2Pr; Hg2Sm; Hg2Tb; Hg2Y; Hg2Yb; Hg3Ho; Hg3La; Hg3Lu; Hg3Nd; Hg3Pr; Hg3Sc; Hg3Sm; Hg3Tb; Hg3Tm; Hg3Y; Hg3Yb; Hg45La11; Hg45Nd11; Hg45Pr11; Hg45Sm11; Hg51Yb14; Hg58La13; HgHo; HgLa; HgLu; HgNd; HgPr; HgSc; HgSm; HgTm; HgY; HgYb; HgYb2; Ho11Cd45; Ho13Zn58; Ho2Zn17; Ho5Mg24; Ho11Cd45; Ho13Zn58; Ho2Zn17; Ho5Mg24; HoBe13; HoBe13; HoCd; HoCd2; HoCd3; HoCd6; HoCd2; HoCd3; HoCd6; HoHg; HoHg2; HoHg3; HoHg2; HoHg3; HoMg; HoMg2; HoMg2; HoZn; HoZn12; HoZn2; HoZn3; HoZn5; HoZn12; HoZn2; HoZn3; HoZn5; La11Hg45; La13Cd58; La13Hg58; La2Cd17; La2Mg17; La2Zn17; La11Hg45; La13Cd58; La13Hg58; La2Cd17; La2Mg17; La2Zn17; LaBe13; LaBe13; LaCd; LaCd11; LaCd2; LaCd11; LaCd2; LaHg; LaHg2; LaHg3; LaHg2; LaHg3; LaMg; LaMg2; LaMg3; LaMg2; LaMg3; LaZn; LaZn11; LaZn2; LaZn3; LaZn11; LaZn2; LaZn3; Lu11Cd45; Lu13Zn58; Lu2Zn17; Lu5Mg24; Lu11Cd45; Lu13Zn58; Lu2Zn17; Lu5Mg24; LuBe13; LuBe13; LuCd; LuCd2; LuCd3; LuCd6; LuCd2; LuCd3; LuCd6; LuHg; LuHg3; LuHg3; LuMg2; LuMg2; LuZn; LuZn12; LuZn2; LuZn3; LuZn5; LuZn12; LuZn2; LuZn3; LuZn5; Mg12Pr; Mg24Sc5; Mg24Tb5; Mg24Tm5; Mg24Y5; Mg2Nd; Mg2Pr; Mg2Sm; Mg2Tb; Mg2Tm; Mg2Y; Mg2Yb; Mg3Ce; Mg3Gd; Mg3La; Mg3Nd; Mg3Pr; Mg3Sm; Mg3Tb; MgPr; MgSc; MgSm; MgTb; MgTm; MgY; MgYb; Nd-Zn; Nd-Zn (Neodymium - Zinc); Nd11Cd45; Nd11Hg45; Nd13Cd58; Nd13Zn58; Nd2Zn17; Nd3Zn11; Nd3Zn22; Nd11Cd45; Nd11Hg45; Nd13Cd58; Nd13Zn58; Nd2Zn17; Nd3Zn11; Nd3Zn22; NdBe13; NdBe13; NdCd; NdCd11; NdCd2; NdCd3; NdCd6; NdCd11; NdCd2; NdCd3; NdCd6; NdHg; NdHg2; NdHg3; NdHg2; NdHg3; NdMg2; NdMg3; NdMg2; NdMg3; NdZn (unspec.); NdZn11; NdZn2; NdZn3; NdZn11; NdZn2; NdZn3; Neodymium - Zinc; Pr11Cd45; Pr11Hg45; Pr13Cd58; Pr2Zn17; Pr3Zn11; Pr3Zn22; Pr3Zn58; Pr11Cd45; Pr11Hg45; Pr13Cd58; Pr2Zn17; Pr3Zn11; Pr3Zn22; Pr3Zn58; PrBe13; PrBe13; PrCd; PrCd11; PrCd2; PrCd3; PrCd6; PrCd11; PrCd2; PrCd3; PrCd6; PrHg; PrHg2; PrHg3; PrHg2; PrHg3; PrMg; PrMg12; PrMg2; PrMg3; PrMg12; PrMg2; PrMg3; PrZn; PrZn11; PrZn2; PrZn3; PrZn11; PrZn2; PrZn3; Sc5Mg24; Sc5Mg24; ScBe13; ScBe13; ScCd; ScCd2; ScCd3; ScCd2; ScCd3; ScHg; ScHg3; ScHg3; ScZn; ScZn12; ScZn12; Sm11Cd45; Sm11Hg45; Sm13Cd58; Sm13Zn58; Sm2Zn17; Sm3Zn11; Sm3Zn22; Sm11Cd45; Sm11Hg45; Sm13Cd58; Sm13Zn58; Sm2Zn17; Sm3Zn11; Sm3Zn22; SmBe13; SmBe13; SmCd; SmCd11; SmCd2; SmCd6; SmCd11; SmCd2; SmCd6; SmHg; SmHg2; SmHg3; SmHg2; SmHg3; SmMg; SmMg2; SmMg3; SmMg2; SmMg3; SmZn; SmZn11; SmZn12; SmZn2; SmZn3; SmZn11; SmZn12; SmZn2; SmZn3; Tb-Hg; Tb11Cd45; Tb13Tn58; Tb2Zn17; Tb3Zn11; Tb5Mg24; Tb11Cd45; Tb13Zn58; Tb2Zn17; Tb3Zn11; Tb5Mg24; TbBe13; TbBe13; TbCd; TbCd2; TbCd3; TbCd6; TbCd2; TbCd3; TbCd6; TbHg2; TbHg3; TbHg2; TbHg3; TbMg; TbMg2; TbMg3; TbMg2; TbMg3; TbZn; TbZn12; TbZn2; TbZn3; TbZn12; TbZn2; TbZn3; Tm11Cd45; Tm13Zn58; Tm2Zn17; Tm5Mg24; Tm11Cd45; Tm13Zn58; Tm2Zn17; Tm5Mg24; TmCd; TmCd2; TmCd3; TmCd6; TmCd2; TmCd3; TmCd6; TmHg; TmHg3; TmHg3; TmMg; TmMg2; TmMg2; TmZn; TmZn12; TmZn2; TmZn3; TmZn5; TmZn12; TmZn2; TmZn3; TmZn5; Y11Cd45; Y13Cd58; Y2Zn17; Y3Zn11; Y3Zn58; Y5Mg24; Y11Cd45; Y13Cd58; Y2Zn17; Y3Zn11; Y3Zn58; Y5Mg24; YCd; YCd2; YCd3; YCd6; YCd2; YCd3; YCd6; YHg; YHg2; YHg3; YHg2; YHg3; YMg; YMg2; YMg2; YZn; YZn12; YZn2; YZn3; YZn5; YZn12; YZn2; YZn3; YZn5; Yb14Cd51; Yb14Hg51; Yb2Hg; Yb2Zn17; Yb3Zn11; Yb3Zn17; Yb14Cd51; Yb14Hg51; Yb2Hg; Yb2Zn17; Yb3Zn11; Yb3Zn17; YbCd2; YbCd6; YbCd2; YbCd6; YbHg; YbHg2; YbHg3; YbHg2; YbHg3; YbMg; YbMg2; YbMg2; YbZn; YbZn11; YbZn13; YbZn2; YbZn11; YbZn13; YbZn2; Zinc - Gadolinium; Zinc - Neodymium
Element Systems Ag-Gd-In-Zn; Be-Ce; Be-Dy; Be-Er; Be-Eu; Be-Gd; Be-Ho; Be-La; Be-Lu; Be-Nd; Be-Pr; Be-Sc; Be-Sm; Be-Tb; Cd-Ce; Cd-Dy; Cd-Er; Cd-Eu; Cd-Gd; Cd-Gd-Zn; Cd-Ho; Cd-La; Cd-Lu; Cd-Nd; Cd-Pr; Cd-Sc; Cd-Sm; Cd-Tb; Cd-Tm; Cd-Y; Cd-Yb; Ce-Hg; Ce-Mg; Ce-Zn; Dy-Hg; Dy-Mg; Dy-Zn; Er-Hg; Er-Zn; Eu-Hg; Eu-Mg; Eu-Zn; Gd-Hg; Gd-La-Zn; Gd-Mg; Gd-Y-Zn; Gd-Zn; Hg-Ho; Hg-La; Hg-Lu; Hg-Nd; Hg-Pr; Hg-Sc; Hg-Sm; Hg-Tb; Hg-Tm; Hg-Y; Hg-Yb; Ho-Mg; Ho-Zn; La-Mg; La-Zn; Lu-Mg; Lu-Zn; Mg-Nd; Mg-Pr; Mg-Sc; Mg-Sm; Mg-Tb; Mg-Tm; Mg-Y; Mg-Yb; Nd-Zn; Pr-Zn; Sc-Zn; Sm-Zn; Tb-Zn; Tm-Zn; Y-Zn; Yb-Zn
Properties Curie temperature; Moessbauer effect; Neel temperature; electrical resistivity; inelastic neutron scattering spectrum; magnetic molar susceptibility; magnetic moment; magnetic properties; neutron diffraction spectrum; space group; specific heat; spin structure
Substrates main group element; metal; rare earth element


Title Crystallography and metallurgy


2.7.1 Introduction

Author P. Morin
Part of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology

19e2: Compounds of Rare Earth Elements with Main Group Elements. Part 2

Edited by H.P.J. Wijn
Chapter-DOI 10.1007/10384561_1
Book-DOI 10.1007/b36650 (Volume in Bookshelf)

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RIS-Export Morin, P.: Crystallography and metallurgy. Wijn, H.P.J. (ed.). SpringerMaterials - The Landolt-Börnstein Database (http://www.springermaterials.com). DOI: 10.1007/10384561_1


This document is part of Subvolume E2 ‘Compounds of Rare Earth Elements with Main Group Elements. Part 2’ of Volume 19 ‘Magnetic Properties of Metals’ of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter.
Ag-Gd-In-Zn: Gd(Ag0.5In0.5)xZn1-x. Be-Ce: CeBe13. Be-Dy: DyBe13. Be-Er: ErBe13. Be-Eu: EuBe13. Be-Gd: GdBe13. Be-Ho: HoBe13. Be-La: LaBe13. Be-Lu: LuBe13. Be-Nd: NdBe13. Be-Pr: PrBe13. Be-Sc: ScBe13. Be-Sm: SmBe13. Be-Tb: TbBe13. Cd-Ce: Ce13Cd58. Cd-Ce: CeCd. Cd-Ce: CeCd2. Cd-Ce: CeCd3. Cd-Ce: CeCd6. Cd-Ce: CeCd11. Cd-Dy: Dy11Cd45. Cd-Dy: DyCd. Cd-Dy: DyCd2. Cd-Dy: DyCd3. Cd-Dy: DyCd6. Cd-Er: Er11Cd45. Cd-Er: ErCd. Cd-Er: ErCd2. Cd-Er: ErCd3. Cd-Er: ErCd6. Cd-Eu: Eu13Cd58. Cd-Eu: Eu14Cd51. Cd-Eu: EuCd. Cd-Eu: EuCd2. Cd-Eu: EuCd6. Cd-Eu: EuCd11. Cd-Gd-Zn: GdCdxZn1-x. Cd-Gd: Gd11Cd45. Cd-Gd: Gd13Cd58. Cd-Gd: GdCd. Cd-Gd: GdCd2. Cd-Gd: GdCd3. Cd-Gd: GdCd6. Cd-Ho: Ho11Cd45. Cd-Ho: HoCd. Cd-Ho: HoCd2. Cd-Ho: HoCd3. Cd-Ho: HoCd6. Cd-La: La2Cd17. Cd-La: La13Cd58. Cd-La: LaCd. Cd-La: LaCd2. Cd-La: LaCd11. Cd-Lu: Lu11Cd45. Cd-Lu: LuCd. Cd-Lu: LuCd2. Cd-Lu: LuCd3. Cd-Lu: LuCd6. Cd-Nd: Nd11Cd45. Cd-Nd: Nd13Cd58. Cd-Nd: NdCd. Cd-Nd: NdCd2. Cd-Nd: NdCd3. Cd-Nd: NdCd6. Cd-Nd: NdCd11. Cd-Pr: Pr11Cd45. Cd-Pr: Pr13Cd58. Cd-Pr: PrCd. Cd-Pr: PrCd2. Cd-Pr: PrCd3. Cd-Pr: PrCd6. Cd-Pr: PrCd11. Cd-Sc: ScCd. Cd-Sc: ScCd2. Cd-Sc: ScCd3. Cd-Sm: Sm11Cd45. Cd-Sm: Sm13Cd58. Cd-Sm: SmCd. Cd-Sm: SmCd2. Cd-Sm: SmCd6. Cd-Sm: SmCd11. Cd-Tb: Tb11Cd45. Cd-Tb: TbCd. Cd-Tb: TbCd2. Cd-Tb: TbCd3. Cd-Tb: TbCd6. Cd-Tm: Tm11Cd45. Cd-Tm: TmCd. Cd-Tm: TmCd2. Cd-Tm: TmCd3. Cd-Tm: TmCd6. Cd-Y: Y11Cd45. Cd-Y: Y13Cd58. Cd-Y: YCd. Cd-Y: YCd2. Cd-Y: YCd3. Cd-Y: YCd6. Cd-Yb: Yb14Cd51. Cd-Yb: YbCd2. Cd-Yb: YbCd6. Ce-Hg: Ce11Hg45. Ce-Hg: CeHg. Ce-Hg: CeHg2. Ce-Hg: CeHg3. Ce-Mg: Ce2Mg17. Ce-Mg: Ce5Mg41. Ce-Mg: CeMg. Ce-Mg: CeMg2. Ce-Mg: CeMg3. Ce-Mg: CeMg12. Ce-Zn: Ce2Zn17. Ce-Zn: Ce3Zn11. Ce-Zn: Ce3Zn22. Ce-Zn: Ce13Zn58. Ce-Zn: CeZn. Ce-Zn: CeZn2. Ce-Zn: CeZn3. Ce-Zn: CeZn5. Ce-Zn: CeZn11. Dy-Hg: DyHg. Dy-Hg: DyHg2. Dy-Hg: DyHg3. Dy-Mg: Dy5Mg24. Dy-Mg: DyMg. Dy-Mg: DyMg2. Dy-Mg: DyMg3. Dy-Zn: Dy2Zn17. Dy-Zn: Dy3Zn11. Dy-Zn: Dy13Zn58. Dy-Zn: DyZn. Dy-Zn: DyZn2. Dy-Zn: DyZn3. Dy-Zn: DyZn12. Er-Hg: ErHg. Er-Hg: ErHg2. Er-Hg: ErHg3. Er-Zn: Er2Zn17. Er-Zn: Er11Zn45. Er-Zn: Er13Zn58. Er-Zn: ErZn. Er-Zn: ErZn2. Er-Zn: ErZn3. Er-Zn: ErZn5. Er-Zn: ErZn12. Eu-Hg: Eu14Hg51. Eu-Hg: EuHg. Eu-Hg: EuHg2. Eu-Hg: EuHg3. Eu-Hg: EuHg5. Eu-Mg: Eu2Mg17. Eu-Mg: EuMg. Eu-Mg: EuMg2. Eu-Mg: EuMg5. Eu-Zn: EuZn. Eu-Zn: EuZn2. Eu-Zn: EuZn5. Eu-Zn: EuZn11. Eu-Zn: EuZn13. Gd-Hg: Gd11Hg45. Gd-Hg: GdHg. Gd-Hg: GdHg2. Gd-Hg: GdHg3. Gd-La-Zn: GdxLa1-xZn. Gd-Mg: GdMg. Gd-Mg: GdMg2. Gd-Mg: GdMg3. Gd-Y-Zn: GdxY1-xZn. Gd-Zn: Gd-Zn. Gd-Zn: Gd3Zn11. Gd-Zn: Gd3Zn22. Gd-Zn: Gd5Zn41. Gd-Zn: Gd13Zn58. Gd-Zn: GdZn2. Gd-Zn: GdZn3. Gd-Zn: GdZn12. Hg-Ho: HoHg. Hg-Ho: HoHg2. Hg-Ho: HoHg3. Hg-La: La11Hg45. Hg-La: La13Hg58. Hg-La: LaHg. Hg-La: LaHg2. Hg-La: LaHg3. Hg-Lu: LuHg. Hg-Lu: LuHg3. Hg-Nd: Nd11Hg45. Hg-Nd: NdHg. Hg-Nd: NdHg2. Hg-Nd: NdHg3. Hg-Pr: Pr11Hg45. Hg-Pr: PrHg. Hg-Pr: PrHg2. Hg-Pr: PrHg3. Hg-Sc: ScHg. Hg-Sc: ScHg3. Hg-Sm: Sm11Hg45. Hg-Sm: SmHg. Hg-Sm: SmHg2. Hg-Sm: SmHg3. Hg-Tb: Tb-Hg. Hg-Tb: TbHg2. Hg-Tb: TbHg3. Hg-Tm: TmHg. Hg-Tm: TmHg3. Hg-Y: YHg. Hg-Y: YHg2. Hg-Y: YHg3. Hg-Yb: Yb2Hg. Hg-Yb: Yb14Hg51. Hg-Yb: YbHg. Hg-Yb: YbHg2. Hg-Yb: YbHg3. Ho-Mg: Ho5Mg24. Ho-Mg: HoMg. Ho-Mg: HoMg2. Ho-Zn: Ho2Zn17. Ho-Zn: Ho13Zn58. Ho-Zn: HoZn. Ho-Zn: HoZn2. Ho-Zn: HoZn3. Ho-Zn: HoZn5. Ho-Zn: HoZn12. La-Mg: La2Mg17. La-Mg: LaMg. La-Mg: LaMg2. La-Mg: LaMg3. La-Zn: La2Zn17. La-Zn: LaZn. La-Zn: LaZn2. La-Zn: LaZn3. La-Zn: LaZn11. Lu-Mg: Lu5Mg24. Lu-Mg: LuMg2. Lu-Zn: Lu2Zn17. Lu-Zn: Lu13Zn58. Lu-Zn: LuZn. Lu-Zn: LuZn2. Lu-Zn: LuZn3. Lu-Zn: LuZn5. Lu-Zn: LuZn12. Mg-Nd: NdMg2. Mg-Nd: NdMg3. Mg-Pr: PrMg. Mg-Pr: PrMg2. Mg-Pr: PrMg3. Mg-Pr: PrMg12. Mg-Sc: MgSc. Mg-Sc: Sc5Mg24. Mg-Sm: SmMg. Mg-Sm: SmMg2. Mg-Sm: SmMg3. Mg-Tb: Tb5Mg24. Mg-Tb: TbMg. Mg-Tb: TbMg2. Mg-Tb: TbMg3. Mg-Tm: Tm5Mg24. Mg-Tm: TmMg. Mg-Tm: TmMg2. Mg-Y: Y5Mg24. Mg-Y: YMg. Mg-Y: YMg2. Mg-Yb: YbMg. Mg-Yb: YbMg2. Nd-Zn: Nd-Zn. Nd-Zn: Nd2Zn17. Nd-Zn: Nd3Zn11. Nd-Zn: Nd3Zn22. Nd-Zn: Nd13Zn58. Nd-Zn: NdZn2. Nd-Zn: NdZn3. Nd-Zn: NdZn11. Pr-Zn: Pr2Zn17. Pr-Zn: Pr3Zn11. Pr-Zn: Pr3Zn22. Pr-Zn: Pr3Zn58. Pr-Zn: PrZn. Pr-Zn: PrZn2. Pr-Zn: PrZn3. Pr-Zn: PrZn11. Sc-Zn: ScZn. Sc-Zn: ScZn12. Sm-Zn: Sm2Zn17. Sm-Zn: Sm3Zn11. Sm-Zn: Sm3Zn22. Sm-Zn: Sm13Zn58. Sm-Zn: SmZn. Sm-Zn: SmZn2. Sm-Zn: SmZn3. Sm-Zn: SmZn11. Sm-Zn: SmZn12. Tb-Tn: Tb13Tn58. Tb-Zn: Tb2Zn17. Tb-Zn: Tb3Zn11. Tb-Zn: TbZn. Tb-Zn: TbZn2. Tb-Zn: TbZn3. Tb-Zn: TbZn12. Tm-Zn: Tm2Zn17. Tm-Zn: Tm13Zn58. Tm-Zn: TmZn. Tm-Zn: TmZn2. Tm-Zn: TmZn3. Tm-Zn: TmZn5. Tm-Zn: TmZn12. Y-Zn: Y2Zn17. Y-Zn: Y3Zn11. Y-Zn: Y3Zn58. Y-Zn: YZn. Y-Zn: YZn2. Y-Zn: YZn3. Y-Zn: YZn5. Y-Zn: YZn12. Yb-Zn: Yb2Zn17. Yb-Zn: Yb3Zn11. Yb-Zn: Yb3Zn17. Yb-Zn: YbZn. Yb-Zn: YbZn2. Yb-Zn: YbZn11. Yb-Zn: YbZn13.