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Figs. 53 - 71

Chapter Concepts

Substances /
Molecular Formulas
β-Palladium; (Nickel); AgPd; AlFe; AlNi; Alcan 123; Alcan 756; Anode, copper; Anode,copper; Anode-copper-; Blei; Blister, copper; Blister,copper; Blister-copper-; C.I. 77400; C.I. 77575; C.I. 77775; C.I. Pigment Metal 2; C.I. Pigment Metal 4; CI 77400; Cathode-copper-; Celmet; Celmet 4; Copper; Copper element; Copper-precipitates-; CrNi; Cu; Cu (copper); CuGe; CuNi; CuPd; CuZn; DNI 20; Eisen; Eisen-Aluminiumlegierung; Electrolytic-refinery-billet-copper-; Electrolytic-refinery-wirebar-copper; Fe; Fe (iron); FeAl; FeNi; Fibrex; Fibrex (metal fiber); Fibrex P; Fukuda 287; HCA 1; Incofoam; Iron; Iron element; Iron, compd. with nickel (1:1); JIS 1; Kupfer; Lead; Lead Flake; Lead S 2; Lead element; Li; Li (lithium); LiMg; Lithium; Lithium atom; Lithium element; Magnesium; Magnesium (powder); Magnesium element; Magnesiumpulver; Mg; Mg (magnesium); NbTi; Ni; Ni (nickel); Ni0.98Fe0.2; Ni0.99Mo0.1; Ni1-xCox; NiAl; NiCr; NiCu; NiFe; Nickel; Nickel element; Nickel on silica-alumina; Nickel, compd. with iron (1:1); Nickel-Katalysator nach Raney; Nikko 255; Novamet 4SP; Novamet 4SP10; Novamet 525; Novamet HCA 1; Novamet NI 255; PK 31; PK 31 (magnesium); Palladium; Pb; Pb (lead); Pb-S 100; Pd; Pd (palladium); PdAg; Raney nickel; Raney nickel, active catalyst; Raney-Nickel; Raney-Nickel®, aktivierter Hydrierkatalysator, 0,5; Rieke's active magnesium; Rough lead bullion; SF 300; SSO 1; Sponge copper catalyst(Raney-type); T 123 (metal); Trimag; Trimag (metal); aluminium, compound with iron (1:1); aluminium, compound with nickel (1:1); copper, compound with zinc (1:1); iron, elemental
Element Systems Ag-Pd; Al-Fe; Al-Ni; Co-Ni; Cr-Ni; Cu; Cu (Copper); Cu-Ge; Cu-Ni; Cu-Pd; Cu-Zn; Fe; Fe (Iron); Fe-Ni; Li; Li (Lithium); Li-Mg; Mg; Mg (Magnesium); Mo-Ni; Nb-Ti; Ni; Ni (Nickel); Pb; Pb (Lead); Pd; Pd (Palladium)
CAS Registry
12003-78-0; 12019-27-1; 12042-17-0; 12062-87-2; 14147-08-1; 54426-13-0; 65555-90-0; 7439-89-6; 7439-92-1; 7439-93-2; 7439-95-4; 7440-02-0; 7440-05-3; 7440-50-8; 8011-79-8; 8049-31-8
Properties absorption coefficient; dielectric constant; reflectivity; refractive index
Substrates binary alloy; pure metal



Figs. 53 - 71


4.7 Optical constants of binary alloys

Author C. L. Foiles
Part of Landolt-Börnstein - Group III Condensed Matter
Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology

15b: Electrical Resistivity, Thermoelectrical Power and Optical Properties

Edited by K.-H. Hellwege, J. L. Olsen
Chapter-DOI 10.1007/10201705_54
Book-DOI 10.1007/b19992 (Volume in Bookshelf)

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